Umbrella Retirement Scheme

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What is Umbrella Retirement Scheme?

The Geminia Umbrella Retirement Scheme is a retirement plan set up by Geminia Life Insurance to provide retirement planning for members of various participating companies.

Features Of The Plan

Multiple employers join in one large, already set up scheme and contribute retirement savings for their teams. The fund is invested collectively to enable the participating employers to enjoy the benefits of the pooled fund. It is ideal for organizations that may be too small to set up their own occupational Schemes which require a bit more process and paperwork to set up.


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Set-up Costs & Logistics – An entity joins a scheme that is already set up and registered by the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA). This saves the employer the cost and work involved in setting up an occupational retirement scheme, such as developing Trust deeds and rules.
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Staff Benefit – A retirement scheme for employees is a great way to retain great talent
for an organisation.
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NSSF Act Tier II Compliant – If employees are part of a registered scheme such as an Umbrella scheme, they are allowed to channel their NSSF contributions to it
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Regulation – The Umbrella Pension scheme is regulated by the Retirement Benefits Authority
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Flexibility – A participating employer gets to choose the amount and type of benefits the employees shall enjoy on retiring.
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Management of the scheme – The employer is free of the day-to-day running of the scheme as this responsibility is fully taken up by Geminia Life Insurance
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What does it cost to set up and operate an Umbrella Scheme with Geminia Life Insurance?

Setting up an Umbrella Scheme at Geminia Life Insurance is free. The only charge to the scheme is an annual management fee of xxx charged on the total fund and shared equally among all member employers making it very affordable to operate.

Who can join the Geminia Umbrella Scheme?

Any employer with a minimum two employees wishing to surrender the rigorous work involved in the management of an occupation scheme is free to join our Umbrella Retirement Scheme

What is the process of joining the Geminia Umbrella Scheme?

An employer who wishes to participate will read the Scheme Trust Deed and Rules (TDR) and then complete the Deed of Adherence which generally defines the retirement age, access to retirement benefits

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