Mortgage Protection Policy

Protect your assets by getting a mortgage protection policy to help your family make mortgage payments if you – the policyholder and mortgage borrower – die before your mortgage is fully paid off.

What is the Mortgage Protection policy?

This is a type of life insurance policy that is designed for financial institutions to provide security against a mortgage loan and effectively pays off the loan in the event of the borrower’s untimely disability or death.

Our Mortgage Protection policy will also offer coverage for a limited time if you lose your job or become disabled after an accident.

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Who can apply for a Mortgage Protection Policy?

The policy is issued

Lending institutions include:

  • Microfinance Institutions,
  • Banks,
  • SACCOS and/or any registered Group lending to its members (Registered groups can be Employers, Registered Self-Help Groups, Hire Purchase Organizations, Micro-Lenders, etc.)


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The policyholder or mortgage borrower’s house is safeguarded
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This policy can be extended to cover the retrenchment of the borrower for a specified period as they find another job
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The premium payable reduces with the mortgage repayment
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Who is covered?

the policy is issued in the name of the Financier, but the cover is based on the loanee/member taking up the loan

What is covered?

the members are covered for the risks of Death and Permanent & Total Disability. Additional Benefits such as Critical Illness and Retrenchment Benefits can be included in the policy at an extra cost

What is the maximum age limit?

Eligible members who are 18 – 65 Years of age

Premium paying options?

Clients can pay a Single Premium at beginning of cover to insure them for the full loan term, or pay Annual premiums based on Reducing the balance of the loan as at policy anniversary

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