What is Gemsave Endowment Plan?

Gemsave is an insurance plan that offers a platform to grow your savings for a relatively short period while enjoying life insurance protection. It is suitable for anyone who wants to save for a goal for a fixed period with the guarantee that the target amount will still be available should a disability or death occur while saving.

How does it work?

  • One makes regular payments (premiums) on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.
  • The policy earns a yearly return ( bonus) and an additional terminal return once the policy runs for the agreed period.
  • The final payout comprises the accumulated premiums and the two bonuses.

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  • Eligibility: The policy is available for purchase by persons aged between 18 & 65.
  • Minimum entry amount: Kes 3,000 per month or Kes 30,000 if paying annually
  • Term: The policy can run for any duration between 5 and 10 years
  • Free Cover Limit: Medical tests for any amount below Kes 5 million are not required.
  • Competitive Survival Benefits: The payout at the end of the policy is computed to include the Sum Assured, annual, and terminal bonuses.
  • Death benefits: The policy pays out the Sum Assured( what you intended to save when you started the policy) immediately following an accidental death or permanent disability and after a waiting period of 90 days for natural death
  • Riders: for a small additional amount the Policy can be extended to cover Critical illness


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Affordability: With as low as Kes 3,000 a month, that is Kes 100 a day, you can set up the policy.
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Policy Loan: A loan of up to 70% of the cash value of the Policy is available after 36 months of consistent premium payment.
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Flexibility: The Policy allows payment of premiums on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis.
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Broad Free Cover Limit – Medical examination is not required for anyone taking up a Policy with a Sum Assured of Kes 5 million or below.
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Access to information: You receive regular updates and statements to enable you to keep track of your Policy.
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Comprehensive: The policy has an inbuilt disability rider that releases full payment in the unfortunate event of total permanent disablement.
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What if I lose my job and am no longer able to pay premiums?

If the policy has been paid up to 36 months, it remains active for as long as the policy value is more than the premium due. If the policy has not been paid for at least 36 months, policy benefits will be suspended but you have the option to reinstate the policy once you are back in employment/ have a source of income, at any time during the tenure of the policy.

What happens if I die and my dependents are not able to continue with premium payment?

The policy pays the full sum assured plus accrued bonuses upon death of the life assured to the dependants therefore they do not need to continue with premium payment.

Can I increase/reduce my premiums?

Yes, within the first 3 years of the policy

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