Personal Pension Plan

A safety net for your later years

What is Personal Pension Plan?

The Geminia Personal Pension Plan (PPP) is a product designed to offer you a platform to save up for retirement by making regular contributions during your active working life. The company invests the pension fund to generate an income that is added to your contribution to make it grow in readiness for when you retire.

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Who is the Policy For?

  • Self employed or business owners 
  • Employees working on contract or seasonal employees 
  • Employees working in companies without occupational schemes or those wishing to boost their retirement outside their occupational schemes.
  • Diaspora Market


  • Age limit: Minimum entry age is 18, with a maximum of xxx
  • Amount: Initial amount of Kes 1,000 and a minimum monthly contribution of any amount
  • Interest: The fund earns a minimum guaranteed interest of 4%  
  • Scope: A personal retirement plan can be set up for individuals or individuals within a group such as a chama


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Affordability: With an initial Kes 1,000 and a minimum monthly contribution of any amount, you can set up and operate a Geminia Personal Pension Plan. 
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Flexibility – You can make your pension contributions monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly depending on the pattern of your income
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Tax Benefit – The contributions you make to a pension plan are exempted from tax up to a limit of Kes 20,000 per month or Kes 240,000 per year.
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Mortgage Security -The plan allows you to use up to 40% of your accumulated retirement savings as collateral for purchase of a residential house.
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Access to information – You receive regular updates and statements to enable you to keep track of your savings and interest earned.
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Growth of fund– Your contributions are invested, and the interest distributed to you to grow your fund. Although the returns are higher, the fund provides a guaranteed minimum compounded rate of interest of 4% per annum that protects your retirement savings from market volatility.
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Access to your accumulated fund – You can access all your savings at any time or upon attaining the retirement age (60 years). Your accumulated retirement fund can also be accessed instantly if you emigrate or in the unfortunate event of your demise or permanent disability.
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Monthly Contribution

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Can I Access My Money Before Retirement?

Yes, you may opt for early retirement or transfers as per Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) guidelines.

What Are The Available Plan Options?

  1. Provident plan: You will be paid the accumulated savings in one single lump sum upon retirement.
  2. Pension plan: You will be paid a third of the accumulated savings as a single lump sum amount and opt to use the remaining two thirds as follows: –

– Purchase an annuity, a contract for life that guarantees a Monthly income stream (pension) for the rest of your life.

– Income Drawdown: An investment fund from which retirement benefits payments are drawn, locked for 10 years.

What Happens If I Stop Contributing?

The pension plan continues and participates in the annual declared interest

What Other Benefits Does The Pension Plan Offer?

One can assign 40% of their fund towards purchase of a residential house provided the amount does not exceed 7M shillings.

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